Survey Analysis

Our shift work surveys serve the following purposes:

  1. Understand how the shiftworkers feel about their current schedule.What features do they like the most? How can their schedule be improved?
  2. Understand the workforce’s priorities on issues such as sleep, alertness and safety.
  3. Communicate to the workforce the reason for a schedule change.


The survey administration process also provides an opportunity to:

  1. Communicate to the workforce the methodology and timing of the shift-change project.
  2. Educate the workforce about the types of different schedules that are available to them.
  3. Allow the shiftworkers to have input on the type of schedules that are designed for them.

survey2Shiftwork Solutions maintains a database of shiftworker responses. This data base can be accessed by industry type, shiftworker age or gender as well as by a number of other demographic factors.

A typical survey analysis report will have a graphic depiction of the survey results, generally comparing your company’s responses to those of the average shiftworker (see graphics on this page). The report also includes detailed, numerical results arranged in tables for easy cross-referencing. For example, if seniority is an issue, it may be appropriate to break out the answers by years of service. The results, in this instance, will show how each seniority grouping responded to all of the questions on the survey. Other typical break-outs include: by shift, by department, by job title and by gender.

Asking the shiftworkers to evaluate various shift schedule concepts is a critical step in the survey process. We do this by showing the concepts to the workforce and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each concept with them. Once they understand a concept, we ask them to rate it on a scale ranging from “no way” to “perfect”. Their responses are then indexed to identify the best schedule types for your workforce.

survey3Finally, we help you evaluate the survey results. The report also includes an analysis of the data. For example, what does it mean when your company’s employees rate the company lower on communications than other shift workers (nationwide) or should you panic if your workforce is only sleeping 6.5 hours every twenty-four hours when assigned to the night shift?

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