Shiftwork Software

May 5, 2010

It's finally here.

After more than twenty years, we have finally found the software that we, and you, have been looking for.

Shiftwork Solutions has partnered with an international software development company to design a software package that is certain to help improve the management of your workforce.

Imagine a software that does the following:


  1. Tells you days, weeks and months in advance where your staffing shortfall and overages will be.
  2. Allows a supervisor to send email and text messages to an entire shift or a select group.
  3. Notifies shiftworkers via email and text messages when overtime is available.
  4. Allows shiftworkers to go online and apply for vacations and shift swaps, sign up overtime or request time off for sickness, FMLA or any other type of time off your company recognizes.
  5. Allows supervisors to approve time off and shift swaps, post overtime opportunities, assign overtime and communicate special needs, all over the internet.
  6. Generates reports on overtime, various types of time off and hours worked.
  7. Provides instant decision making information to supervisors such as hours already worked that week, seniority and wage rates.
  8. Frees up one or more hours of supervisor time per shift by greatly easing the burden of staffing management.
  9. Is managed off site, with no installation required. The entire software is maintained, protected and regularly upgraded without you having to do a thing.
  10. Provides all of these services for a small fraction of what bulky, ineffective software packages frequently cost.


We have this software today! Call us now at (415) 763-5005 for a free demonstration.