Open Shift Management

June 27, 2010

It's finally here!

Our software partner, Shifthound, has completed work on our new Open Shift Management software. It is ready for you to use starting immediately.

Here are a few scenarios that demonstrate the software's features:

1) You are a shift worker on a 4-day break and decide that you want to go into work and get a little overtime. By logging on to your personal site, you find that there are several openings available. You request the one you want. A few minutes later, you receive confirmation that the work has been given to you.

2) You are a supervisor. After you log into the software, you find there are several vacation requests. The program provides you with the information you need to either accept or turn down requests (seniority, how many are already off that day etc.). As you approve a request, the individual is notified and an opening is created on that shift. Immediately, everyone that is qualified to cover that shift is notified of the opening (Email or text message). A few minutes later, you can see who wants the shift and are able to assign the coverage to the most appropriate person. As you make your decision, all of those that requested the overtime are notified.

3) You are a plant manager, concerned about absenteeism. You log onto to the program and have instant access to an absenteeism report that can be broken down by why and when people were absent. You can look at a specific time period, a specific crew or even a specific person.

One of the best features of this program is that you have no software to install. Everything is managed from a secure server. We provide the training (at no cost). We do all of the setup (at no cost). We provide regular upgrades (at no cost).

For a free online demonstration, call us at (415) 763-5005.