Services Offered

Our services can be summarized in one sentence: We solve your shiftwork problem for you.  But first you have to take Step One: 

Step One - Contact Us

A phone call (415-763-5005) or an email ( or is all it takes to find out what we can do for you.

Our methodology is determined by the needs of each individual client. However, all of the work we do is based on the following three principles:

  1. The needs of the company must be met.
  2. Get the workforce involved and use their input.
  3. Implement the solution.

Every one of our clients is presented with a unique proposal that incorporates all three of these principles. The uniqueness of the work we do is based on the answers to the following types of questions:

  1. How many employees are involved?
  2. How many departments are involved?
  3. Do you anticipate that the solution will have a major impact on the workforce?
  4. When does the shiftwork solution need to be in place?
  5. How well do management and the workforce get along?
  6. Is the real issue about lowering costs, increasing productivity or improving morale?
  7. How much of the work do you want us to do?

Most companies want us to do everything. When this is the case, the project can last anywhere from three to twelve or more weeks. The following summarizes what “doing everything” entails:

We perform a detailed business analysis to help identify and evaluate various opportunities. We determine the optimal staffing levels. We calculate the cost of straight time and overtime. We evaluate the impact that a change in one area may have on other areas. We identify ways to maximize the utilization of your best equipment. We find ways to schedule maintenance opportunities. We identify the time needed for training and build that into your schedule. We evaluate the variability in your workload and make recommendations to facilitate it. We review your employee handbook or union contract and identify those policies that are keeping the company and the workforce from achieving mutual goals.

We take care of all the smaller details that make a difference between success and failure. We make written recommendations on all of the pay and work policies required to support the new schedule. We spend time on the floor listening to individual shiftworkers. This helps us get a sense of how the workforce is responding to the project. We make midcourse adjustments to the methodology as required. An extra communication meeting here, a posted bulletin there can sometimes make a world of difference.

The right shiftwork solution will be supported at all levels.

  • Production Management
    Higher productivity, improved asset utilization, and lower costs results in higher profits.
  • Human Resources
    The best shiftwork environments can help attract and retain valuable, trained employees.
  • Shiftworkers
    Empowered to find a solution that meets their needs and the business requirements. The right schedule can result in benefits such as improved time-off that are not available to day-workers. The bottom line is, things run better out there when the people are happy.

For us to prepare a recommendation for your situation, the first step is for us to learn more about you. A telephone call is the best way to start the process. We know you are good at doing what it is you do. This fact does not necessarily make you good at what we do. We have over 35 years of experience working with shiftworkers and shiftwork operations. Tell us about your shiftwork problem and we will take it from there.

Our role as a neutral party enables us to facilitate a change process allowing all stakeholders to buy-in to the solution. Extensive participation from the employees and management at all levels develops the ownership needed to ensure the success of the program.

Contact us today! (415) 763-5005