Our Commitment

Improving shift schedules is not easy. There are human relations and financial risks that go along with the huge opportunities for improvement. Avoiding these risks takes experience.

Because of this need for seasoned leadership, we are personally involved with every organization that Shiftwork Solutions works with. Applying our experience yields these results:

  • Issues are anticipated and addressed before they become problems.
  • A deep understanding of the shiftworker and managers’ perspectives.
  • Effective communication of the change strategy, issues, and status throughout the organization – from the shop floor to union leadership to senior management.
  • Broad exposure to successful practices within and outside your industry.
  • Practical innovation – advancing shift work systems and management technology through successful implementation.
  • Outstanding technical competence – we get it right the first time.

We know that our success is directly linked to the success of our clients’ shiftwork operations. Our clients are successful, we are successful, and we are committed to making your shift work operation successful.