About Us

Shiftwork Solutions LLC is the leading consulting company solving shift work problems for organizations with multi-shift operations. Our solutions are designed to satisfy business requirements, while also meeting the needs of the affected employees. We have helped more than 200 companies in a variety of industries to develop successful shift solutions.

The typical process we follow involves three steps. The first step is to understand the business requirements. We conduct a detailed analysis of the current operations to build a solid business case for changing the schedules.

The second step is to identify several potential schedule concepts that can be adapted successfully. We help the employees to understand the business requirements and need for change. Then we involve them in developing a solution by asking for their input on schedule concepts. The final step involves refining 2 to 3 potential solutions, including the necessary pay and work policy adjustments. Each solution should satisfy the needs of management and employees alike.

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Our Commitment
We know that our success is directly linked to the success of our clients’ shiftwork operations.

“Dan Capshaw from Shiftwork Solutions was instrumental in helping the company find fair alternatives that met our members’ needs.”

A company that is looking for help with their shiftwork operation is looking for expertise.

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